Methodologies & Toolkits

    IntegraTeam develops and provides a wide range of unique methodologies to deal with the challenges of managing disasters, emergencies, and crises for the Homeland ...

    Leadership Training

    A dynamic organization in the 21st century requires leadership training on all management levels. When a person functions as a leader in the organization and not just as "an ...

    Gap Analysis

    Organizations are an outward expression of people and their combined skills. Even the person with the strongest skill set has weaknesses and blind spots.

    Resilience & Preparedness

    Resilience consists of leadership, readiness, preparedness, competence which allows: coping and crisis management, rehabilitation and a return to normal operation.

    Response Teams

    Integra provides builds, specifies and trains response teams and teams of volunteers in crisis readiness and management for a variety of events.

    Local Authorities

    Local authorities, municipalities, universities and other public bodies are responsible for managing large sectors of the population and should be prepared to deal with a ...

    Business & Industry

    Any business can find itself in a seemingly routine situation that deteriorates, unexpectedly, into a catastrophic situation. The need to protect a business from...

    Public Organizations

    Public bodies usually function according to procedures and norms and rigid bureaucracy which are consistent with a classic hierarchical management structure.


    Under Construction


    Aid Teams, for example:
    First Aid Team Volunteers' Organizations Rescue Teams Medical Teams

    Everyday Situations

    rivate and Public Organizations are constantly responding to changing environments, as well as to unexpected events. Planning for and meeting, these...

    Unexpected Situations

    There is any number of internal and external situations that an organization encounters as it moves forward that may cause instability of the organization or ...


    When an unanticipated disaster strikes, it is critical to implement an efficient response in the first 24 hours. The implementation of that response depends on...

    Extreme Events

    External scenarios and situations that radically destabilize an organization and its environment constitute a genuine existential threat. Also, the most extreme scenario...


    Localized crisis or disasters on a small scale are still a threat to harm both people and infrastructure, and require an immediate and decisive response to prevent ...
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